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Risk Assessments

A risk assessment is exactly that - an assessment or evaluation of the risk involved in an activity and ways to reduce that risk to an acceptable level e.g, for a stall in Library Square playing music one part of your risk assessment would be;

Hazard Risk Risk without controls Likelihood of risk occurring Who is at risk? Controls Risk tolerable with controls?
Electrical cables Trips, slips & falls  Medium High All Trailing cables to be kept out of traffic routes. Cables to be secured wherever possible  Yes

The complexity of your risk assessment will depend on what you plan to do but the Activities Centre staff can provide advice and examples so get in touch and we can help you. You can find out more and download a risk assessment form from . 

Why should I complete a risk assessment?

As activity organisers you have a duty of care towards your participants/attendees and ensuring their health and safety. You must identify any risks to them and put controls in place to reduce these risks to an acceptable level. A risk assessment helps you plan your activity to ensure it runs successfully and inform those helping you run the activity or taking part of procedures that should be followed. In the event of an incident, a risk assessment can be used to show that you did everything to make your activity safe. You must be confident that your activity is safe for all involved.

Do I need to complete a risk assessment?

Every activity that your group organises should be risk assessed. You can produce a generic risk assessment to cover your main activity, e.g. dance classes, trips, practices, but you will also need to produce a specific risk assessment for any other activities you organise or if you change your main activity, e.g. trips to locations with additional hazards, practices at a different type of venue, cake sale, fundraiser.

Risk assessments need to be completed for all regular activities and one of events, activities and trips and must be submitted well in advance of your event for amendments and approval 

What about external venue/supplier and external events?

If some or all of your activity is part of an externally coordinated event you should contact the organisers to get a copy of their risk assessment. Equally if you are using an external venue or supplier they should have a risk assessment to cover some or all of your activities, e.g. catering company providing food or a local club providing venue for a fundraising club night. You should make sure that your planned activities are covered by their risk assessment and produce an additional risk assessment if there will be other activities or risks that are not covered, e.g. extra social events or transport to the venue.

How do I complete a risk assessment?

In your risk assessment you will identify hazards, risks, the level of these risks, who is at risk, how you will control these risks and whether the risk level with your controls is acceptable. Download our guidance notes & risk assessment form (word document) which provides more information.

Risk assessments must be approved in advance so for sports clubs send them to, and for societies email them to

Cake Stall Health & Safety

These are a popular way of raising funds and have been identified by the University as low risk so it should be easy for you to run your cake stall and raise funds.

Instead of completing your own assessment for each Cake Stall please read through the risk assessment form and ensure that all those involved in baking the cakes have read and understood the assessment.

When you are happy that the recommendations will be followed contact us at to confirm that you have read and understood the assessment and that you wish to run a stall specifying the date and location (please be aware that there is a regular market every Tuesday in the quad outside Falmer House so you should avoid this area).

Once you've read and understood the risk assessment and let us know you are ready to go. Tables are available to pick up from under the main staircase in Falmer House. These are not bookable but operate on a first come first serve basis. Please return all tables to this area.

Only approved Students' Union societies and sports clubs should hold cake stalls on campus.