The Sussex Marxist Society, as part of the Marxist Student Federation, intends to create a platform for discussing the ideas of socialism and studying the way in which the ideas of Marx, Engels and many others, have been applied throughout history and continue to remain applicable to the modern day. We intend to educate ourselves in Marxist theory in order to strengthen the fight for international socialism.

The leaders of the capitalist system remain unable to find a solution to the current global and economic crisis. The fallout following the crash of 2008 continues to wreak havoc on the economies of Europe and North America, while governments respond with severe attacks on the gains of past working class struggle in areas like health, education and social security. In the absence of a strong revolutionary leadership, many have sought answers in nationalism and the far right. The optimism of the 2011 Arab Spring has given way to black reaction in Iraq and Syria, while Israel’s ruling class have found it necessary to engage in the brutal attacks seen in Gaza in order to divert attention from the worsening conditions of Israeli workers, and to protect their own regional interests in the face of fading American imperialism. The pressures of both western and Russian imperialism in Ukraine has served to protract and deepen the conflict, while the increasing influence of fascism has led to a series of brutal attacks on trade unions and left-wing groups.

In the midst of this chaos, it is more vital than ever that both students and workers are educated in the ideas of Marxism in order to promote a socialist alternative.

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