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Five Sussex students suspended

4th December 2013 8:29 pm

Update: 5th December 20:22 - an Emergency Members Meeting has been called

Five students have been suspended and excluded from the University by the Vice-Chancellor, following protest action on campus.

The students received notification by email this evening that their rights to access the campus and teaching have been revoked, citing the grounds that the students represent “a threat to the safety of well being of students, staff of visitors to the University”, “a potential hazard to sustaining the University’s policies on Health and Safety”, or due to “criminal charges… pending or where the student is the subject of police investigation”.

The Students’ Union condemns the suspension and exclusion of all students involved, and believes that improper processes have been followed, and unjust reasons have been given for the Vice-Chancellor’s actions.

The allegations brought against the five students are in relation to occupation and strike action on campus over the last week. The Students’ Union firmly believes in the right of students to peacefully protest against practices they deem unfair, and condemns the intimidation of students undertaking peaceful protest action by University management.

The students have not yet been provided with any evidence to substantiate the allegations made against them and their suspensions and exclusions from campus.

The Students’ Union Full-time Elected Officers have requested an emergency meeting with the Vice-Chancellor, Michael Farthing, to ask him to withdraw these suspensions.

Students are holding a protest against the decision by University management at 1pm in Library Square tomorrow. Students' Union officers will be there, and we urge you to show your support for the suspended students.

Any students who have concerns should contact the Students’ Union Advice and Representation Centre.

You can sign the petition against the suspension of the five Sussex students here.