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The Sussex Marxist Society, as part of the Marxist Student Federation, intends to create a platform for discussing the ideas of Marxism and studying the way in which the ideas of Marx and Engles, and successive Marxists, have been applied throughout history and continue to remain applicable to the modern day. We intend to educate ourselves in Marxist theory in order to strengthen the struggle for international socialism.

The Eurozone crisis has yet to be solved, politicians and economists are merely bleating the words 'growth' or 'austerity' in hope that these will provide answers, the economies of China and the USA are slowing, and general strikes and protests are erupting through Spain, Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Italy. Economic strife is forcing mainstream political parties into disarray and the rightwing are on the move, launching assaults against trade unions and the historic achievements of the working class - right to education, healthcare, housing. The Arab spring and the revolutionary ferment sweeping North Africa and the Middle-East has so far brought no decisive answers to the people of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, or Syria. What the working classes need is a drastic alternative and a sharp change from the leaderships of the past. Capitalism offers no more answers and can no longer improve the lives of ordinary people: Marxism have never been more relevant.

We meet every Tuesday: 12pm - 2pm book stall outside Falmer House
with our discussions held 6pm - 8pm, in Bramber room 257.

Spring/Summer term 2014:

20th January - Term Begins after assessment period

21st January - 11am - 4pm Re-Fresher's Fair! (Find us in Mandela Hall) and, that same evening...

21st Jan - 6pm - What would Socialism look like? with Ben Gliniecki

28th Jan - Marxism & Feminism with Sofia Zeitseva

4th Feb - The Struggle at Sussex with Jo Pickard

11th Feb - The German Revolution with Rob Sewell author of 'Germany: from revolution to counter-revolution'

18th Feb - Egypt & Syria with Hamid Alizadeh

25th Feb - Marxist Economics with Dr. Adam Booth

4th Mar - Venezuela with Jorge Martin from Hands Off Venezuela!

11th Mar - Thatcherism & New Labour with John Pickard, former editor of The Militant

18th Mar - The French Revolution of 1789 with Ben Peck

25th Mar - The Mexican Revolution

1st Apr - Class Struggle in the USA - with a film showing of 'We Are Wisconsin' directed by Amie Williams

11th April - Teaching Finishes

Membership is free. All are welcome to attend our discussions, with or without prior knowledge about Marxism. For more information, feel free to contact us, directing any questions to our committee members at
And feel free to email us and ask to be added to the email list.

The committee members are as follows:

Chairman: Steff Shepherd

Vice Chairman: Abner Wilders

Secretary: Jo Pickard


For more information about the Marxist Student Federation and more concrete participation, please feel free to contact us.

Suggestions for discussion topics are more than welcome.

Or join us on facebook!

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