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The Students' Union is committed to protecting the environment and is involved a variety of projects and activities to raise awareness about environmental issues and support sustainable initiatives.

For the last to years we have been awarded a Gold ‘Green Impact’ NUS award for our efforts to reduce our ecological impact.

We have an elected part-time Environmental & Ethical Officer, supported by the full time Operations Officer. The role of the Ethical & Environmental Officer is to liase between students, societies, the Union and the University on all things ethical and environmental, and to push forward new policies and ideas for sustainability. We also have four Ethical & Environmental Reps


Free Shop

Free Shop poster

Reduce, Re-use, Free-cycle!

Free-cycle your unwanted things in our new volunteer-run free shop

Outside Meeting Room 1, Falmer House - open every day

Save yourself some money, help out your fellow students and reduce your environmental impact.

Just come along and help yourself to anything you want, any time you like. Everything's free!

If you have any unwanted things you think someone else might like, just bring them along and drop them off at the free shop.

Help keep it fully stocked by bringing clothes, books, stationery, kitchenware, creative materials or anything else you have but no longer need. Please only bring things in working order and clean them first if they need it.

The Free Shop is a new initiative started by the Students' Union's Ethical & Environmental Committee to help students save themselves some money while reducing our environmental impact at the same time.

Free-cycling things instead of throwing them away helps reduce landfill waste and saves energy and resources used to make new things.

We also have a special Freshers Free Shop at the start of Freshers Week

Interested in helping run the free shop or want to help spread the word? Find us on Facebook: Sussex SU Free-shop