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The Advice & Representation Centre  can give you free, independent and confidential information, advice and support on a range of academic and non-academic issues.

We have professional advisers and elected student representatives and the service is completely confidential, independent from the University and no issue is too big or too small for us to deal with.


Employment rights advice


Need help looking for a job?

Please contact the university's Careers & Employability Centre.

Need information about your rights?

Have a problem at work?

Please use these pages and the further information websites, and contact us if you need more advice. Please note we are not specialist in this area, but can advise generally. Unfortunately, we are unable to give legal advice or take on your case if you need representation at a tribunal or at disciplinary meetings with your employer, but we can help you find someone who can!

You may also want to consider joining a trade union for this type of assistance - please call the TUC Union Finder Helpline on 0870 600 4882 for help in finding out what union is best for you.

The following pages attempt to make holding a job easier for students by offering advice on some issues of work law:

Student at work

For further information:


HM Revenue & Customs (formerly Inland Revenue)- official government agency website - helpful government website for all your student tax questions and a useful tax refund calculator - the best place to look!

Employment Rights

Worksmart- accessible, easy to read information and FAQs about your rights provided by the TUC

Courts & Tribunals Service website - official  government website with guides and forms if you need to take your employer to a tribunal - also has a helpline to call if you have questions.

Working Families - advice website with lots of useful information about your rights as a parent( e.g maternity/paternity/flexible working), benefits, tax credits and general support/ tips about balancing work and family life




Please be aware that we are only able to advise current or prospective students
of the University of Sussex and Brighton & Sussex Medical School.

These webpages are checked for accuracy each term. However, the Students' Union cannot be held responsible for any legislative changes since the last review. If you have any comments or queries about the content please email

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